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Birst is the global leader in Cloud BI and Analytics. The company helps organizations make thousands of decisions better, every day, for every person. Birst's patented 2-tier data architecture and comprehensive BI platform sits on top of all of your data, to unify, refine and embed data consistently into every individual decision—up and down the org chart.

Thousands of the most demanding businesses trust Birst Cloud BI to make metric-driven business execution a reality. Learn more at www.birst.comand join the conversation @birstbi.

“The HWVP team has been terrific to work with. Their support and operational expertise have been critical to Birst’s success. With the help of HWVP, we have built Birst into the leader in cloud analytics. Our partnership with the HWVP team has helped us revolutionize the business intelligence market. We couldn’t have done it without them.”
Jay Larson

Jay Larson

CEO, Birst