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Application Development OpenSource AJAX

WaveMaker Software™ enables the visual assembly and rapid deployment of Web 2.0 applications that meet enterprise IT standards. WaveMaker Software is Web Fast and CIO SafeTM, allowing developers to create Web applications quickly that meet the CIO’s architecture, security and governance policies. WaveMaker’s Visual Assembly Studio delivers a drag & drop design environment providing the rapid assembly of scalable web applications using AJAX widgets, web-services and databases. WaveMaker Studio enables data-driven and web-services based applications to be quickly developed without code or complex portal frameworks.

With its speed of development, high-quality web interface and support for web-services of any type, WaveMaker is The Face of SOATM. WaveMaker’s Rapid Deployment Framework introduces one-click web-application deployment onto the most widely deployed IT architectures. Unlike other visual development tools, WaveMaker delivers standard Java applications that core IT developers can manage, maintain or extend with their existing skills and tools. WaveMaker allows enterprise developers to cut through their backlog, build the applications that run their businesses, and deliver these capabilities without sacrificing CIO compliant architecture, today. Acquired by VMWare.