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Pancetera provides virtual storage optimization solutions to help organizations improve operational efficiency and leverage virtualization investments for greater levels of IT performance and productivity. The company’s virtual appliance provides a new way to measurably reduce the impact of management tasks in virtual environments, such as backup, replication, archiving, security scanning, search, and DLP.

Pancetera’s SmartRead™ technology dramatically reduces storage and network I/O, leading to more efficient utilization of existing enterprise infrastructure and higher VM density per server. Pancetera was acquired by Quantum (NYSE: QTM)

“When Greg Wade and I founded Pancetera, we had a variety of investors to choose from for our Series A raise. We choose to work with HWVP because they are focused solely on enterprise software start-ups. During the course of the company life, we found Lars Leckie unafraid to share his perspective in a constructive manner, which showed his deep level of engagement and willingness to explore possibilities and scenarios while also mindful of his role as a board member and the wishes of the founders. We benefited from Lars’ understanding of the business and look forward to pitching HWVP in the future.””
Mitch Haile

Mitch Haile

Founder, Pancetera