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Karmasphere, acquired by FICO in 2014, delivers the Big Data workspace for data professionals that want to take advantage of the opportunity to mine and analyze web, mobile, sensor and social media data in Hadoop and bring new value to the business. Karmasphere provides a graphical environment on Hadoop in which you can navigate through Big Data of any variety and spot trends and patterns in order to influence business strategy. Karmasphere’s solutions provide: Direct Access to Big Data for Analysis. Karmasphere Analyst provides data analysts immediate entry to structured and unstructured data on Hadoop, through SQL and other familiar languages, so that you can make ad-hoc queries, interact with the results, and iterate – without the aid of IT. Operationalization of the Results.

Karmasphere Studio provides developers that support analytic teams a graphical environment in which to develop custom algorithms for them and systematize the creation of meaningful datasets they find and feed them into business processes and applications. Flexibility and Independence. The Karmasphere Analytics Engine is the foundation for all Karmasphere products. It provides transparency across Hadoop environments, easy access to Hadoop in data center and clouds environments, familiar language support, prebuilt heuristics and algorithms, and collaboration facilities.

“Great ventures are built by great teams. And a great team starts with your board and your investors. Ann [Winblad] and her partners' contributions go way beyond important financial capital. We also get invaluable and astute knowledge capital turned into concrete actions that help us with hiring, customers and partners”
Martin Hall

Martin Hall

Founder, Karmasphere